What Happens When Your Talented Team Lacks Direction?

Do you feel as though you have a really talented team but that not everyone is aligned on the direction you’re going? In this episode, Shannon Waller describes how a lack of leadership can be undoing your team’s potential. By the end, you’ll learn practical strategies to ensure that everyone is on the same page, working toward a common goal.

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Show Notes:

Unique Ability® without a clear goal or purpose:

  • Unique Ability® Teamwork thrives when each team member is focused on what they love to do best.
  • However, without a clear goal, intention, or purpose, the strengths and talents of team members can go astray, or worse, sabotage the work of the overall business.
  • This can lead to individuals pursuing their own interests rather than working toward a common goal.
  • Over time, team members accustomed to a lack of direction may develop an entitlement attitude and resistance to being pulled back in.

Impact On Team Performance:

  • Without clear leadership and direction, Unique Ability Teamwork may result in individuals contributing their intellect but not their full commitment or passion.
  • Projects may suffer from delays, lack of creativity, and a lack of coordination among team members, akin to a rowing team rowing out of sync.


  • Shannon suggests a proactive approach. Leaders should:
    1. Double-check their own clarity on goals and intentions.
    2. Communicate these clearly to the team.
    3. Ensure alignment through open conversations.
  • Using tools like The Impact Filter can help articulate purpose, importance, ideal outcomes, and success criteria, fostering a shared understanding and commitment among team members.
  • The collaborative approach opens projects up to the collective intelligence, as different team members bring diverse insights and considerations to the table.


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