Proving Yourself: The Surprising Barrier to Effective Teamwork

Ever felt the pressure to prove yourself in a new role or venture? Join Shannon Waller in the latest episode of The Team Success Podcast as she uncovers the hidden downsides of the “proving game” in business. Through a revealing coaching dialogue, Shannon explores the impact of seeking validation and highlights the unexpected barriers it presents to effective teamwork. Discover actionable insights and strategies that empower entrepreneurs to cultivate genuine success and authentic leadership within their teams. If you’re ready to challenge conventional thinking and unleash the true potential of your business, this episode is a must-listen!

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Show Notes:

  • Most people feel like they need to prove themselves when starting a new role, and that’s okay. Just be mindful of how that may impact your ability to work with a team.
  • One strategy? Avoid making everything about yourself. Stay open to feedback by focusing on others and reflecting on your progress.
  • You can also build quiet confidence by seeking validation less and focusing on others more.
  • Strive to be calm and confident, as these qualities broaden your perspective and enable creativity. When you’re stressed, your focus narrows.
  • Understand how fears of failure or job security can hinder creativity and teamwork.
  • Recognize that being new doesn’t mean you immediately need to prove your worth to everyone. Focusing too much on yourself impedes the learning and growth that are essential to thriving in a new role.
  • If you notice someone eager to prove themselves in a new role, have open and positive discussions with them without a specific agenda.
  • Encourage team members to be confident (while avoiding arrogance). This promotes a calm and creative environment for teamwork.
  • To avoid frustration, focus on tracking your success and recognizing your achievements.


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