If They Could Read Your Mind: Tools For Capturing Organizational Wisdom

Shannon delves into effective strategies for capturing and communicating the wisdom inside your business and backing it up with practical tools like Asana or Trello. Imagine simplifying complex procedures, discovering unexpected potential in your team, and gaining confidence through well-documented methodology. You’ll get acquainted with ideas that enhance team collaboration, boost productivity, and even raise the valuation of your business. This is more than just a productivity tip—it’s about making everything and everyone in your organization more valuable.

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Show Notes:

  • The podcast explores the powerful impact of writing down ideas, processes, and all the other wisdom in your business.
  • Shannon dives into how resources like Asana and Trello can enhance productivity and smooth out coordination between different teams.
  • She shares specific Strategic Coach® tools for getting ideas out of your head so they can be shared and acted on.
  • Your team members also have precious information that leaves the building whenever they do—unless you write it down.
  • Shannon describes a real-life scenario where having the company’s processes documented significantly increased its valuation.
  • Don’t like taking notes? Remember the principle of Unique Ability®: Somebody out there loves it!


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