How To Keep Growing During Scary Times

When times are normal, some projects take priority and others get left on the back burner. But when scary times hit? That’s when it’s time to get them on the table—and off your to-do list. Every one of us has projects and goals sitting on the back burner, and rightly so. When times are normal, we prioritize the things that will have the biggest impact on our growth, teamwork, and profitability. But when scary times hit and our normal way of operating gets put on hold, that’s when your back burner projects can have the greatest impact. In this episode of the Team Success podcast, Shannon Waller walks you through this concept and shares how it’s been used at Strategic Coach® to improve our value creation, upgrade and streamline our processes, and maintain our confidence.

  1. It’s time to shorten your to-do list.
  2. When big goals get put on hold, it’s the little goals that become your business’s greatest hero.
  3. The tool that gets projects off your back burner and onto your list of achievements.
  4. Our secret to turning uncertainty into opportunity.