How To Manage Micromanagement

Ever been micromanaged? Doesn’t feel great, right? And it’s easy to react emotionally to it. But why is your entrepreneur or team leader micromanaging? It’s likely not because they don’t trust you. In this episode of Team Success, host Shannon Waller breaks down why leaders micromanage, then coaches team members through an effective strategy to[…]

A Goal-Setting Team Is A Self-Managing Team

Are your team members growth oriented? How do you foster that mindset in your company? Today, Shannon Waller breaks down the January Strategic Coach® team meeting in which each of the 100+ team members thought through their personal growth and contributions for the upcoming year. How did it work, and how does that investment translate[…]

Managing Up, Part II

Join team success expert Shannon Waller as she dives into the art of supporting your entrepreneur. Are you seeing through their lens, anticipating their needs, and proactively contributing to the owner’s vision? Learn the power of a simple four-word question that will have your entrepreneur celebrating you. And, find out entrepreneur and coach Dan Sullivan’s[…]

Teamwork Triad In Real Life, with Chad Willardson

In previous episodes, Shannon has talked about the Teamwork Triad—are you curious to see how it plays out in real life? In this episode, Shannon interviews entrepreneur, author, and podcast host Chad Willardson about his Unique Ability® Dream Team. Learn how to find extraordinary executive assistants who not only support you, but sit in the[…]

Head, Heart, and Gut: The Three Must-Haves to Take Action!

In this thought-provoking episode, entrepreneur and team coach Shannon Waller delves into the crucial factors that drive action and engagement. Drawing from personal experiences and insights, Shannon highlights the importance of not only intellectual stimulation but also emotional connection and personal motivation when it comes to the creative process, and shares how ideas progress from[…]

Stop The Struggle: Essential Tools For Managers, With Jill Young

Shannon Waller, entrepreneur and team coach, chats with the brilliant Jill Young, EOS® Implementer and coach, about the tools leaders need to alleviate frustration and handle tough issues. They dive into proven EOS® and Strategic Coach® tools, including the Accountability Chart™, Rocks, and Quarterly Conversations, that help entrepreneurs resolve stuck situations. Jill provides tactical coaching[…]