Behind The Scenes: The Key To Creating First-Class Client Experiences

Before important client meetings, are you and your team running around handling last-minute logistics? How prepared does your team feel going into the meeting? In this episode, Shannon Waller discusses the value of bookending client meetings with clearings and debriefs to elevate the overall experience for clients and team members. Here’s the why and how[…]

The Power Of Saying “Yes” To New Ideas

How would you like to learn a strategy for improving creativity, connection, and collaboration within your team that’s as simple as saying the word “yes”? In this episode, Shannon Waller explains how graciously saying yes to your team members’ ideas is an easy yet powerful way to foster deeper conversations and collective problem solving, and[…]

Daring To Build An Intentional Culture, with Mark O’Donnell, Kelly Knight, and CJ DuBe’

Looking for ways to improve your team’s performance and create a positive work environment? In this episode of the Team Success podcast, host Shannon Waller interviews entrepreneurs Mark O’Donnell, Kelly Knight, and CJ DuBe’ about their new book, People: Dare to Build an Intentional Culture, which focuses on the importance of creating an intentional culture[…]

How To Manage Micromanagement

Ever been micromanaged? Doesn’t feel great, right? And it’s easy to react emotionally to it. But why is your entrepreneur or team leader micromanaging? It’s likely not because they don’t trust you. In this episode of Team Success, host Shannon Waller breaks down why leaders micromanage, then coaches team members through an effective strategy to[…]

A Conversation With Kathy Kolbe: Conative Intelligence & The Importance of Caring First

Do you know what makes a good leader? The answer might surprise you! In this episode of the Team Success podcast, renowned thought leader Kathy Kolbe, founder of the Kolbe Index, joins Shannon Waller to delve into the realm of conative intelligence. The pair explore the impact of emotional leadership, the limitations of cognitive intelligence,[…]

From Boasting To Celebrating: How To Shift Your Mindset For Success

Have you ever wondered how to transform your experiences into opportunities for future growth? Discover the power of celebrating wins in this episode of the Team Success podcast. Join Shannon Waller as she delves into the important difference between boasting and celebrating achievements and learn how sharing wins with team members not only fosters a[…]

Managing Up, Part II

Join team success expert Shannon Waller as she dives into the art of supporting your entrepreneur. Are you seeing through their lens, anticipating their needs, and proactively contributing to the owner’s vision? Learn the power of a simple four-word question that will have your entrepreneur celebrating you. And, find out entrepreneur and coach Dan Sullivan’s[…]